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We are the MinnDak Titans!

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Looking to continue the Championship tradition of the Tri City North Stars, our group has decided to re-brand and re-structure how we go about our business as a winning football team on and off the field. For starters, we have organized a Board of Directors and forming a Nonprofit group. Currently as it stands, we are a Nonprofit Pending with the goal of becoming a full 501C3 Nonprofit before next season.

We have an incredible team behind the team working hard on overdrive in order to deliver a quality, family-friendly experience for all our fans and to be competitive in our new league, the Northern Elite Football League.

In the past, our team has brought the community 3 Midwest Premier Football League Championships. We will celebrate the past and hope to continue our no holds barred brand of football into the future as part of the NEFL. 

Our new nickname, the TITANS, represents all we’ve stood for as a Championship-caliber team and the fortitude of this community. Our colors are CRIMSON RED, OLD GOLD and NAVY BLUE. With these colors, we hope create a new sustainable path both in organization structure and presentation.

Our Vision for the organization will be to carry on a program which will command the respect of the players, coaches, and to be highly regarded in the community and among other communities in the nation in helping players achieve their highest potential.

Teaching is at our core; positive growth and development of athletes is our goal and the highest level of performance both in life, in social settings, and on the field of play is our desired outcome.

Our Mission is to work tirelessly and constantly to strive to be excellent at what we do through team work. With confidence in our priorities, we will not hesitate in the pursuit of being the best we can be.

Our Mission Statement is:
The purpose of MinnDak Titans semi-professional football team shall be to promote football and cheerleading in the Grand Cities Area and to further promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline and athletic ability, and to nurture fitness, volunteerism, a lifelong love of sports and shall serve as the central feeder system to the MinnDak Titans football Team and football cheerleading programs.

Our program’s statement is the relentless pursuit of excellence.

We have official TITANS gear available, please visit our Shop!

If interested in our organization, feel free to join!



Introducing our team behind the team!


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