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Titans vs Invaders Gameday Preview

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This week’s Titan preview we see your MinnDak Titans make their inaugural season debut against the Fargo Invaders. 

The contest will be held on Saturday May 8th at 6 P.M. the location is Moorhead High School. 

We approached the Titans Head Coach about his expectations for this game, here’s what he had to say. 

Titans: How has COVID affected your preparation this season? 

Coach Smith: Covid had made preparations really difficult! Due to COVID we had to push practice back all the way to the end of March! 

Titans: So, you are new to the Northern Elite Football league. What are some of your goals heading into your first game? 

Coach Smith: Of course the big goal is to win! But some other goals are to execute all the little things so we can build and get better. 

Titans: Even though you are a brand new team in the area, how much semi-pro experience are you bringing to the table? 

Coach Smith: This is my 5th season of semi pro. I played for 2 years l. Then I was the defensive coordinator for another 2 before becoming the Head Coach. 

Titans: What are some things the fans can expect to see this week against the Fargo invaders? 

Coach Smith: This going to be a great game! These teams being so close together alot of players know each other so it make it a lot more competitive!

Titans: How many players are on the MinnDak Titans? 

Coach Smith: Right now we have about 50 players on our team. We are shooting to fill up the roster at 53! 

Titans: Who are some key players the fans should be watching for? 

Coach Smith: First key player is our quarterback Trevor Taylor he has led this offense to two previous championships and does a great job controlling the huddle. On the defensive side we are bringing back an elite pass rusher Shane Elliott who just has an act for sacking the quarterback. 

And there we have it folks. This week’s Preview has been brought to you by Suedel Therapeutics! Be sure to follow the MinnDak Titans Fan page on Facebook and Instagram! #GoTitans #Titanup