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Titans / Pioneers Preview

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This week the MinnDak Titans host their first home game at East Grand Forks Senior High as they take on the St. Paul Pioneers. The Titans look to bounce back after last weeks’ disappointing 30 to 12 loss to the Fargo Invaders. President Foster noted that it was a good learning experience, and it gave the titans some things to work on. As the Titans prepared this week, Coach Smith was asked a few questions on what we should expect going into this week’s contest against the Pioneers.

Q: After last weekend, we got to see the titan defense really run on all cylinders, however, the offense was having some issues getting any kind of rhythm. what are some things you look to improve?

Coach Smith: “We gotta run the ball more. In our game against the Invaders, we got down early and abandoned the run game we cannot let that happen!”

Q: The Pioneers have been around for nearly twenty years and boast a winning tradition. How do you feel about the Titans being considered the underdog coming into this week’s contest?

Coach Smith: “We are always the underdogs! Nothing new to us! In our previous league, the city teams were always favored to win the championship but we showed them what we were made of.”

Q: Going into week two, we noticed you have some additions to your roster. What are some ways this growth will help your team?

Coach Smith: “For this home game we have alot of new faces that will be on the field for us. We have added some depth at offensive line, defensive line, defensive back, and running back! This gives us more depth so it allows for our players to stay well rested and get a rotation

Q: Lastly, who do you see playing a large role this week both offensively and defensively.

Coach Smith: “This week I see our nickle back Jason Holmes having a big game. Last week he had 3 ints and is looking for more. On offense I am looking forward to getting back one of our most athletic weapons Azeon Nelson when he touches the ball good things just seem to happen.”

And there you have it folks. Your Titans hope to come back and make an impression while hosting their first game ever at East Grand Forks Senior High! This game has been brought to you by Ironworks Gym on 1311 South Washington St.